About Us

Hi, my name is Sid and I am the founder of Instantly Yours Canada.

Instantly Yours is a 100% vegan, 100% gluten-free, 100% nut-free and School Safe pancake and waffle batter designed to save your time and provide a wholesome start to the day. We are committed to providing a healthy, delicious and convenient solution for today’s fast-paced modern Canadian.

Every Canadian loves pancakes and waffles for breakfast; yet, today everyone’s busy lifestyle has made it difficult to enjoy a meaningful breakfast with their loved ones on a regular basis. My goal at Instantly Yours is to bring back the most beautiful moments created at the breakfast table - "Make Every Day A Perfect Sunday Morning".

I deeply believe that a breakfast or a meal together can heal strained or broken relationships. It is an initiative to recreate those moments everyone is craving for. I am very confident our delicious product is going to do the “Magic”.

Instantly Yours also helps you transition into adopting a vegan lifestyle through delicious and convenient pancakes and waffles. Taking you one step closer to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this small entity and helping me spread love through our delicious and flavourful pancakes and waffles.